Thursday, June 01, 2006

Satan's Victories Spoiled

For a few weeks now, our pastor has been going thru the effects of Satan on Christians. Last week, he talked about Christian marriages and how Satan can effect them. We see that the emphasis of Satan's current workings in our world is tearing down the family.

There are many ways for Satan to reap victory over Christian families. Today's society and the pressures of living on this planet are hard on Christian husbands and wives. The main push is to "take care of ME". Think FIRST about MY needs. What do "I" want? Is my spouse fullfilling MY NEEDS? I need to spoil myself sometimes......... That's what's put out there every day in all forms of media that is bombarding us. We take it in and it's stored in our subconscious.

Guess what? That is totally backward! If I am living for the Lord, I am thinking of others. I do everything as unto God, not for recognition, not for self-satisfaction or thinking that it will be returned in kind. I am to offer myself as a living sacrifice, every day, all day. If I can do this, how can I ever be dissatisfied, unhappy or depressed? If I am in His Will for me, Satan can NEVER have victory over me. If I keep my eyes on Jesus, give of myself and follow His teaching instead of listening to the world, I can live a happy fulfilled life.

Maybe my spouse will never accept the Lord and be saved, but I will continue to pray and treat him like the head of the household should be treated, with respect and love. I will be faithful to Jesus and offer my day to Him each morning and thank Him for the day when it's over. I am happy to be God's child and I know He will take care of all my needs. I don't have to expect my spouse to fulfill me or grant my wishes. God will aid me in my daily walk and lift me up on wings like eagles. He will take me to the High Places and I will walk with Jesus.

I claim this today as His daughter. Jesus has made me worthy thru His sacrifice on the cross. I would be ungrateful if I didn't not claim it and praise God for being a child of the King!

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