Thursday, June 01, 2006

13 Things I Hate About Driving

1. It ALWAYS takes longer to get there than I think it's going to take.
2. If it's going to take longer than I think and I leave extra early, I get there way too soon and end up looking like I am loitering.
3. The Phoenix traffic is too fast, too slow.
4. Crazy drivers (I gave up being one of them--I am not crazy enough!)
5. Every place I go is far from my home.
6. The absurd cost of gas.
7. The traffic usually gets to me and I lose my temper.
8. Even if I am being a courteous driver, I cannot make everyone happy--someone usually manages to flip me off or honk at me.(for no reason that I can determine)
9. The drive used to be boring, but now I have found used books on CD--pretty cool!
10. Since the drive is usually long, I end up eating a meal on the road(don't make good choices about what to eat. Occasionally, I remember to bring something to eat)
11. I usually (almost always, for some reason) forget to bring something and have to turn around and go back home to get it.
12. My spouse always critisizes the way I drive, so mostly, I am the passenger.
13. The air pollution in Phoenix makes me want to hold my breath when I have to go to the City.


Carol said...

#11 !!! I forgot to put your #11 on mine. Oh, how often do I have to turn back? About 50% of the time. Okay, I'm lying. Closer to 75%. (Well, sometimes I can't remember if I've closed the garage door or not.)

Wystful1 said...

#6 I echo that!!!!! 1000000%!!! It's absurd.

My T 13 is up