Friday, June 16, 2006 got me good!

Well, let's see if this one sticks!

The last two posts I've done(Wed & Thurs) have disappeared from my blog. How about that? As I read more and more blogs, I have read about the disgust with, but I haven't had any problems with it, so just shrugged those comments off. I assumed (makes an ass of you and me) that since I hadn't had any problems in the past, I was good to go.

After I publish my post, I always go to my blog website and check to see if it posted and how it looks. I did that on Wednesday and on Thursday. But today, I went to my blog and the first post that came up was Tuesday's. Yikes! I've been robbed!

I suppose that I should look around for a new blog site? I know that Carol at "She Lives" uses Typepad, while other bloggers have their own websites. I am kinda lame on all this web stuff....oh I can get around it just fine and actually can find just about anything I want to look up. It's the programming end of it, where I fall on my face. I never could figure out how to put a picture of myself on my blog. Oh, blogger gives you a tutorial, sort of, and I thought I followed the instructions to the letter, but the picture never appeared. Couldn't figure out the links either.

Wonder if there is a class on web publishing at my local community college......I'll have to check it out.


blestwithsons said...

Personally, I have my own site and I use wordpress. I love it! I know next to nothing on the techie side myself. My brother set me up and did my maintenance for a long time. But he grew tired of being my net-nanny so I'm having to learn. There are free tutorials on html and much more at . I started going through it yesterday and it is not hard at all.

Granny said...

Did you try hitting refresh?

I can tell you how to do links but I can't do it in the comment box because it will turn into a link.

Thanks for your comment on Granny and come back anytime - commenter or lurker although I enjoy reading the comments.

Carol said...

One of my Friday posts has a link for leaving blogger. I do like TypePad, but I might go with wordpress if I was starting all over again. You don't have to know any HTML or CSS or any other languages (other than English) to use TypePad. It's a lot to consider, though. I'll run down some pros and cons if you like.