Sunday, June 04, 2006

Post About Blogging

Ok, since Carol at "She Lives" brought up the subject "God reads my blog" and that maybe we should consider making it an uplifting testimony. I want to always be honest and forthright in my postings and as a Christian woman, I have feelings, opinions and thoughts that I would like to put down in writing. But when I post on a public forum, I am always aware that my post will be read by others. My blog is always going to show all sides of me. Sometimes, I just want to have fun and other times, I can be very serious.

At any moment, Mom, son, sister, niece, nephew, cousins, friends or people I don't even know could be reading my blog. Therefore, no disclosing of events in others lives is allowed without their written consent (e-mail) first. I know someone who really hurt a person that they wrote about. It's not even okay if I "change the names(and even relationship) to protect the innocent", because it's too easy to figure out who it in many instances--or--it can be misinterpreted to be someone you never intended. Gossip is gossip, no matter how it comes out. Best to speak for myself and myself alone. Address my own opinions and issues and leave others out of the posting.

My blog is not a sermonette. It is about my life. Sometimes, I am unhappy and discouraged. When I see it in print, I am encouraged to pray about that and to ask for prayer as well. I am forgiven by the blood of Jesus and I am not perfect. I am assured of everlasting life and look forward to the trumpet sound to call me up into the air to meet Jesus. But while I am still a sojourner on this earth, I will strive to be who I am--a Child of God who is a human being. This blog is a record of my journey. It may not be pretty or serious all the time, but it's me!

I have fought depression my whole life, even as a child. I have gone to psychotherapy and have taken various medications. I don't do either now. I have finally come to understand that my life has dramatic ups and downs--it's just the way I feel. Sometimes, I experience these ups and downs daily and other times, the cycle is longer. With the Lord's help, I have learned to ride the roller coaster of my emotional life. I know now I can pray and rest assured that when I am walking through "the valley of the shadow of death", I need not fear. The Lord comforts and protects me. I walk out of that valley into the "Son"light. I experience joy and serenity. These feelings do not have any power over me any longer. They're just feelings, they don't define me.

Hannah Hurnard wrote a few allegories; the first being "Hinds Feet in High Places". That's why I almost always think of Jesus as my shepherd who leads me into the high places. When I have a "down" time, I almost always ask Jesus to take my hand to lead me out. Sometimes, He has to carry me like a little lost sheep. I think of the companions that walk with the heroine of the story. Joy holding one hand and Sorrow holding the other hand. That story always said to me that in order to feel Joy, I will have to let myself also feel the Sorrow.

Father God, thank you for direct access through Jesus. I praise you today because of the constant blessings and insights you give me. I give thanks for the Christian women online who post and inspire me.


Beck said...

Good post - I certainly have the same struggles myself about how much I can post about my life when it involves other people. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog!

Carol said...

Wow. That whole paragraph about gossip ... Amen! We do have to be careful what we say about... everything! I've seen how easily folks can get hurt/be offended by the written word when something is taken the wrong way. No matter if our motives are good, we just need to exercise discretion.

Great post. Thank you for being so honest.

Sheryl said...

What a beautiful, encouraging post! Thanks for sharing about your struggles with depression. Many women struggling with depression feel so very alone and think that something is "wrong" with them. I think you said it well: "I have finally come to understand that my life has dramatic ups and downs--it's just the way I feel. Sometimes, I experience these ups and downs daily and other times, the cycle is longer. With the Lord's help, I have learned to ride the roller coaster of my emotional life." So many women need to hear that paragraph. Thank you for sharing so honestly.

Reverberate58 said...

Thank you for a very wonderful post. I too found the paragraph on gossiping to be so true. I always use fun times and only once made a no no about my step-daughter the turned like a snake and bit me. So i learned my lesson well. I now ask if I can post a picture that is not one I took!

I am currently reading 'Hinds Feet' again and I love the book. It is so helpful in understanding the stages we go through in our journey with/to Jesus Christ!

Katherine@Raising Five said...

Great post. You don't need to preach - just telling your story is compelling enough to point others to Christ. Wow.

crickl's nest said...'re so honest....I really admire that. When a Christian is honest, that opens up the door for others to be able to share their struggles and having been there, you can listen and give wisdom on it.

My husband struggles with depression too...a seasonal depression I know what you mean. It's just how he's wired. He's only been on medication was last year because he was so deep in it. He said it really helped and he'd take it again in a minute if he ever got that bad again. Usually he can manage it without though.

Hope your hard work is done soon! It's too hot to be out there doing heavy work!!! Take care of yourselves!