Thursday, June 22, 2006

Thursday Thirteen Why I Love My Spouse

I need to do this one. Phil and I have been sick for almost 2 weeks and I am tired of being in the house with him for that long.

1. He is considerate. In big ways and little ways

2. He loves dogs. Actually, he loves cats too. We used to have 2 kitties before they got very old.

3. He's easy going. I get MY way a lot!

4. He never makes fun of me when I go somewhere and get lost. My nickname is "WrongWay"

5. He lets me tell him how to drive. Sometimes, when he's had enough of it, he'll call me "Hyacinth" after that lady on the British comedy "Keeping Up Appearances" who henpecks her husband.

6. He watches the TV shows that I like. If I am watching home improvement shows, he goes in the den and plays games on the computer.

7. He doesn't mind if I do my own thing. I go visiting friends and family and he holds down the fort.

8. He doesn't mind if I have the light on to read when we go to bed, or if I can't sleep, turn the light back on. (That's a big one for me, because I have sleeping problems and reading settles me down)

9. He shares in the household chores. Everything except what I call poop patrol. He gets gaggy around the dog poop. I don't mind picking it up, so I do it.

10. He takes the trash out. I hate that job and will only do it if he's out of town. Probably a fair trade for poop patrol, don't you think?

11. He climbs the ladders. I am afraid of going past the second step on a ladder. I'm not afraid of heights, I'm afraid of falling!

12. Even though he is a non-believer, he never gripes or sabotages my attending church and church functions, nor interrupt me when I pray with friends on the phone.

13. He loves me and puts up with me, and that says it all.


Mom Nancy said...

#13 is the most important one, isn't it? My husband loves me even with all my "junk" and some pesky medical things. He's the best!

crickl's nest said...

Wonderful post! He sounds a lot like my hub regarding trash and being considerate and letting me get my way.....=)

Carol said...

14. He's a trend-setter. He had tatoos before they became hip and fashionable. My dad did, too.

Granny said...

He sounds a lot like my Ray. You're lucky.