Saturday, June 17, 2006

Everyday Things

Are my poochies things? Well, they aren't people, so are they things. And since they are, they are my Favorite Everyday things!

First, is Chiquita, the Pekingese, we call her Chickie--we've had her the longest. We keep her hair cut short, so she may look funny for a Peke, but it's hot here and she likes to be outside. She is 10 years old and we got her from our vet when she was 5 yrs. She was blind when we got her(we had previously had a blind dog, so we knew what we were in for). She was a "dumped" dog. The people who brought her in wanted her put down because she had gone blind. She had been badly neglected and our vet kept her for 6 weeks after we said we would take her so that she could be nursed back to health. Now she has gone almost totally deaf. She wears a diaper in the house, because often she cannot find her way to the door to ask out. She is my lovey girl and like to sit on my lap and get petted. She asks for pets by putting her front paws together and moving them up and down. She like to sit outside and do some barking at least once a day.

Second, is Harry the Shih Tzu. 10 years old. We got him used when he was 8 years old from a guy who got remarried and her dogs did not get along with Harry. It was us or the dog pound. He is feisty and playful and talks a lot. He is a woo-woo dog(that the sound he makes when he plays--"Ah woo woo). He sleeps beside my husband at night and sits beside him on the couch. He is our alpha dog.

Lastly, is Teddy, the ???? Poodle/we don't know???. He closes his eyes when he sees the camera is going to flash. He has golden eyes. He was found at the side of a busy street near an unoccupied area and the canal, by one of the workers when our friend was building his house. They guy brought him to us, asking if we knew of anyone who had lost a dog. My husband took him and I snatched the puppy immediately. I knew he was going home with us. He was dehydrated and starving. When we took him to our vet, she said he was about 8 weeks old. So he is now 6 months old. He is a joy. He is full of energy and revs up the older dogs. He is sweet and full of fun. We've had many dogs in our lives, but never had a puppy. It's a new experience. Thankfully, I have several friends to give me advice and potty training was pretty easy with cage training.

I praise the Lord every day for my little companions. They listen to me when my husband is tired of hearing me complain. They hang out with me when I'm on the computer. They comfort me when I'm sad and rejoice with me when I'm happy. They're always glad to see me when I come in the house, even if I've just been outside watering the plants. They sit with me, give me puppy kisses. They entertain me with their antics. They are always happy. All the dogs in my life have taught me many things. How to love unconditionally. How to live in the moment and not worry about tomorrow. How to deal with death and loss. I know a lot about dogs and I understand that they are not just "little people". I know that their loyalty comes from the pack instinct. They want to please me because my spouse and I are the pack leaders. But they are my favorite everyday poochie-doodles!


Carol said...

Awww...I love this! The first photo was hidden behind the second, so I missed it, but I think the third, Teddy, could be a poodle, schnauzer mix - he looks an awful lot like my Tucker did at that age.

You are thrice blessed. I'd love to get another dog, but hubby says Tucker plus two birds is enough.

God bless you for taking in these orphan dogs.

Desert Darlyn said...

Hmmm Carol you say one pic is hidden behind the second. When I go to my blog website, it looked okay. I wonder what's going on!

As to Teddy, my friend sent me pictures of 2nd generation toy labradoodles and she says that he looks like one of those!