Thursday, April 13, 2006

The World vs.The Blood Of The Savior

I've been bothered lately about all the books, "educational channel" programs and news special reports about Jesus and the Bible. The world is doing it's best to prove that Jesus was not God, that events in His life that were written about in the Gospels was a conspiracy, and on and on. I was wondering why non-believers work so hard at disproving what Christians believe.

My pastor spoke about it on Sunday, which put me more at ease with how to deal with non-Christians bringing it up to me and then when I was reading something on the Billy Graham website, it made it clear in my mind why so many worldly people spend so much time trying to disprove the Bible and that Jesus was God and died for our sins.

Dr. Graham says: "To many people the mention of the blood of Christ is distasteful. It grates upon their proud egos to think that such a price had to be paid for their wickedness. A deep revulsion arises within them when we mention the precious blood of Christ and His supreme sacrifice on the cross. To the natural man Jesus' suffering and death are foolishness.

The message of the blood and the Cross and the work of redemption are still foolishness to a people who would like to believe that man can save himself by his own goodness. Modern man is in conflict with the truth of God at this point.

God speaks of a fall and a condemnation, and His key word is grace. Modern man speaks of the soul's native goodness, its aspirations and natural good will. Man's key word is works.God speaks of the depths into which men have fallen and the depravity of the natural man. Man boasts of his nobility, his ideals and his progress. God calls men to believe in Christ or be lost. Man says that it is enough to try to be like Christ. God says that Christ is the Savior of the world. Man says that Christ is just a great example.

We have drifted away from the biblical truth: "Without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness" (Hebrews 9:22, NIV). God said that as a result of our rebellion and sin, man must die. Jesus Christ became our substitute. He suffered our death on the cross. That blood is essential and indispensable for our salvation. Without its mark upon us, we are unfit to come into the presence of the holy and righteous God."

The full message is at this address:

Ah Ha! This is why the world works so hard at disproving! Especially at this time of year when Christians comemmorate Christ's death and resurrection. You can't need grace unless you admit you are a sinner. You can't accept salvation unless you are in need of saving.

Lord, Jesus, thank you for salvation and grace.
Yours truly in love,

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Kelli B said...

That is the key depth to many hearts around me in my current life. Nobody feels the need to be saved! They talk of death, they mention nearly every other day that to die would be better than to live another day in this h*%) hole. You know? they just dont see the need or dont recognize it.

I've learned so many times over that it's at the point of brokenness that our hearts open up and are exposed. This is the time for Jesus to enter in. My cry is for God to break these hearts open, open wide enough that they would have a NEED for Jesus, see the despair they are facing if indeed their lives end here without knowing Jesus as their Savior.

This Easter season is a POWERFUL one for me. Thanks again for your faithful posts.