Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Snap Out Of It!

Sometimes I soar on wings like the eagles and sometimes I barely hang in there. I need to get perspective on how I let events affect me. With the Lord's help, I can work this out.

I learned yesterday that we are finally receiving a settlement on the robbery that occured in our home last September. We lost about $20,000 worth of items. We are receiving $2,800 in compensation. My biggest personal loss was jewelry that had been handed down to me through the family. My grandmother's engagement ring and another ring that she had given me. Rings given to me on birthdays, necklaces and earrings made by my friend who is a jewelry designer, the ring I had given to Phil when we married and many other pieces that meant a lot to me in terms of memories. The robbers stole my great-grandmother's mantle clock, which didn't work, had been broken and repaired and I saved it from the trash when my uncle who had it was throwing it out. The theives couldn't get any money for it, but I had it in a place of honor in my house and I guess that's why they took it.

I know they are just things, but most of those things had memories attached. (Except my brand new Dell computer). I am very sentimental and have always had trouble getting rid of things that people have given me because I attach pleasant memories to them. For instance, my high school class ring was stolen. My parents didn't have much money at all and it was a hardship for them to get that ring for me. I didn't wear it any longer, and I'm sure it wasn't worth very much money because of being a ring for a Catholic girls high school in Pomona, but it represented my parents love and sacrifice.

I know in the great scheme of my life that jewelry and clocks and computers aren't important. I know that there are people who have lost everything--not just things but homes and livelihoods and even loved ones. My walk with the Lord should be most important thing in my life. I thought I had gotten past the loss of these items, but when I heard from our insurance company last evening, the sadness at the loss opened up again. I guess I am having a little "pity party" this morning. I'm going to snap out of it with prayer and thanks to the Lord for all He has given me that cannot be stolen. I will hang on to the things that are really important: Salvation, faith, grace, hope, joy, peace, patience and love. Close and loving family relationships, a dear husband, wonderful friends, three cute doggies, a nice house and car, a computer and the interenet. What more could I want? I need to divest myself of more things so I have time to appreciate important relationships rather than spending my time with things.

Lord, reveal yourself to me. I am ready to live the life you planned for me! You knew me before I was even born and I trust that You will lead me to victory in this life. In Jesus' name – Amen.

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Carol said...

Well, it still hurts though, doesn't it? Your home was invaded, your precious belongings stolen, you're getting the shaft from the insurance company and it just hurts.

But you're right - it is just stuff. And our real treasures aren't on this earth. Much wisdom in your words, Cathee.