Friday, April 07, 2006

Inspire Me!

I read several Christian women's blogs each morning as a way to finish up my prayer time. They uplift and inspire me. I'm also reading Billy Graham's new book, "The Journey". I bought it because I feel that I am on a journey here on earth--one that leads to my real home with Jesus.

This morning, I reread Diana's blog, and was reminded of how the Lord can stop us right in the middle of anything and inspire change--if we are listening for His voice. I want to always be listening!

I read Carol's blog, and thought about the beauty of aging gracefully. I thought about God's grace and how He wants to bestow His Grace on us. We just have to be receptive. I considered my own aging as I sit here with a back ache from placing concrete pavers in our patio yesterday afternoon. I remember my Grandmother, when she was about 92 and getting senile--she looked in the big mirror in the dining room and said, "Who is that old lady?" My mom told her, "That's you!" And Grandma looked again, and just laughed and said "no that's not me" and did a double take. It took her a moment, after waving to herself in the mirror to realize that was her. I believe that when we leave vanity behind and replace it with God's grace, we can age gracefully and embrace all that the Lord has to offer us in this life.

I read Kelli B's blog, and was inspired to write a list of my own. Thanks! Kelli! Am I going to post it here for all the world to see? Hmmmm, let me think on that one. I want to write it out first in long hand and see how big it gets. Then I'll pare it down to really do-able things.

I was reading Veronica's two blogs, and but she hasn't posted in a while. If you can, read some of her past posts . She is very insightful. I miss her. Sure wish she had an email that I could tell her I miss her postings!

I get daily inspirational emails from The Purpose Driven Life and Joel Osteen Ministries. I usually watch on television and use the website of Joyce Meyer

I have a full life online, but I need to find a home church. I have yet to find one that feels like home to me. I miss the church that I used to attend in Orange County and I am looking for one like it. Maybe there aren't any in this area. I'll keep looking, though. I am following the Lord's leading in this.


Veronica said...

Hi Cathee,
Gee, it's nice to know I've been missed! I've had so much to do these days that I've made time to read my favorite blogs but haven't quite found enough time to write anything of substance. I spent a few weeks vacationing with a friend and returned back to the grind (I'm an L&D nurse) full force before I could recover from the jet lag. All is falling into place again and I'll be writing soon. REAL soon.



Kelli B said...

Wow. I feel honored that you'd even mention my name.

Sometimes, I feel like more of my home-church people are a part of my blog family than people in my own town! Is that crazy or what?

You are one of the people that I really enjoy reading daily. Thanks for choosing to walk boldly and to boldly share your feelings, experiences, lessons, and challenges with us - because often I learn so much through your lessons learned.

It's grace and blessing that we would be "spurred on" (Hebrews 10) and encouraged to race harder after the goal. Thank you. Thanks so much.

Carol said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the post on Aging Gracefully. The Carnival is up at my blog with lots of posts on Aging Gracefully from many wonderful, godly women. Check it out.

I think it's wonderful to be inspired; to receive an encouraging, uplifting word. It's also necessary to get spiritual meat on a regular basis as well. I'm glad you're looking carefully for a church. Pray about it. And when you find one you think you like, watch carefully to make sure it's not just milk they're giving otu - look for hard words among the soft. Woman does not live on milk chocolate alone, right?

Carol said...

I love how we can inspire, teach, exhort and encourage one another through our blogs. It's what keeps me blogging.