Saturday, April 29, 2006

What we've been doing lately

Okay, this is the "before" shot. I don't have an "after" shot yet, because we are still working. We were going to move closer to our friend and then house sales got so slow that we were going to have to reduce the price of the house by $20,000. So we decided to stay. We are going ahead with the improvements that we had planned before the robbery last September.

So we are in the process of putting up the garage. It's a pre-fab building 40'x30'. The rebar is going in today, then the footings and slab as soon as the building inspector gives his okay. The garage is going up to the left of the house(the front right corner of the garage will be about where the red truck is sitting in the picture). I am putting some plants in the front yard. Moving them from next to the house to the front yard. You are not supposed to have any large plants next to your house in case of fire--there are no fire hydrants out here in the sticks and your well pump does not have enough pressure to put out a fire. The problem is with the dirt in this area. It is like moondust--except when it gets wet and drys out. Then it's like concrete! So digging holes and digging up plants to move them is a many day process of watering and digging, watering and digging. I moved the smallest plant yesterday and it's roots went down 4 feet. I hope the bigger plants don't go down 10 feet!

We bought a variety of used pavers and have been laying the 12" x 12" flat square in the front porch/carport area. We got some scalloped ones that make a circle and that's what I am putting the plants in. I have 5 of those. Then we have some round ones like stepping stones that we will make a path with. We are going to do a dry creek in the front yard too because if you don't want your yard to wash away during the monsoon season, you need to direct the water.

That's why I am putting the circular things around the plants. Monsoons come here anytime from August to October, but not regularly. You have to rely on the weather service in the Phoenix stations to forewarn of impending storms. There can be major flooding and the washes get full and can be quite dangerous. Monsoon season takes planning.

So, I am going back to work--see you all later!

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