Tuesday, January 17, 2006

What we did this weekend in California


I came home from California with a cold/sore throat, probably from staying up too late and getting up too early both on Friday and Saturday nights. This is the view from my mom's front door at sunset. It was so beautiful.

Thank you, Father for giving me this sunset.

The weekend was fun. After I took this pic, my son and I went to see King Kong. I love big epics and always would like to see them on the big screen. At the price of a movie today, I reserve my moviegoing to seeing only the movies which would not translate well to DVD/TV viewing. King Kong was one of those, for sure. I really liked it.

We got up early and headed to Orange County to visit friends and go to the Super Street awards banquet. Had a really nice day and an excellent time at the banquet. Got to see some people I hadn't seen for a long time.

My head is all stuffed up and it's affecting my brain. I can't seem to think clearly. I had ideas of writing something about a new television show about a pastor who sees Jesus, but will reserve that for another day. Pray for me, please that this isn't the influenza that is taking down 50% of the people in the Phoenix area. I was unable to get a flu shot as I am not over 65 or a high risk patient. Better stop writing for now, as I am rambling......

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Veronica said...

Hope you're feeling better, and sorry that you couldn't get the flu shot. In this area the 'rush and ration" occurs in October---after that anyone can get it. Maybe you'll feel like posting in a few days. I always enjoy hearing your thoughts.