Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Blessing of Journalling in This Blog

Yesterday, I was inspired to write a little about fear. Afterward, I decided to look on the internet to get some information on it. I found a book called Embracing Fear (and finding the courage to live your life) by Thom Rutledge. I gleaned a few things from some of his quotes that rang true with me.

Here’s one: “Fears drain us of primal energy and they certainly distract us from work and personal relationships. I believe that fear has become a bad habit for most of us. Maybe it is a side-effect of our techno-efficient world. In other words, maybe we have too much time on our hands and too much exposure to violence both in the news and melodramas”.
The reason this rang a big bell when I read it, is that my husband and I are addicted to detective shows, both the non-fiction and fictional. With satellite tv, we have an unbelievable amount of those shows that we can watch. In addition, we watch the news which originates from Phoenix. At first, I was appalled by the amount of violence that goes on in that city. My spouse said, “No there’s not more violence than Southern California, it’s just that the Phoenix newcasters report more violence.” Maybe that’s true, but sometimes the news is so violent, I ask him to change the channel.

I am a type “A” personality. For instance, when I was working, I always worked long hours, took on additional projects and was high rev all the time. I was told years ago by a doctor, that I am an adrenaline junkie. Anything that I do, I do at full speed, whether it’s housework, crafts, and yes, actually driving. I am working on the driving part! Now I set the cruise control at 5 mph under the speed limit.

I am just now realizing that part of my fears are the bad habit that Thom Rutledge wrote about. Since I am currently unemployed, I stimulate myself by watching all the horrific things that go on in our world that are reported on the news. I watch detective shows about murders and all sorts of mayhem. I watch “police case file” shows about real events. I have increased my coffee intake by double. It takes more and more cups of coffee to give me that “buzz” I like to feel at the start of my day.

Wow, has the Lord blessed me with insight! This is definitely something to work on. I am going to take a prayer-walk and consider these new revelations.

Lord, bless my prayers and walk today. I give you all the glory and honor for the insight I had today.

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