Thursday, January 19, 2006

How To Put On The Armor Of God


This is from a small book entitled "Spiritual Warfare" by Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa, CA. In the 70's this is the place that was first a little chapel, then a big tent and finally a large church. It was in the little chapel, that I first accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

"Reading is our first and most simple approach to the Scriptures. Perhaps we begin in Genesis and go right through to Revelation. On our way the Holy Spirit is slowly but surely reprogramming us and creating in us a Christ-centered world view. By consistently reading through the Scriptures we are being trained by the Holy Spirit to think spiritually. The Lord is imparting to us the mind of Christ. The better we know the written Word, the better we'll know the Living Word; the Lord Jesus Christ."

"Meditation is our next approach to the Scriptures. Meditation of course includes reading but goes much deeper than that. The word meditate means to ponder. It means to talk to oneself. That's what we're to do with the Word. We're to think about it. We're to talk to ourselves about it. We're to talk to the Lord about it. Meditating differs from reading because it takes more time and greater concentration. When meditating on a portion of Scripture, I'm praying over it and at the same time asking myself questions. To whom was this written? What does it say? How does it apply to me? What are some other Scriptures that relate to what's being said? When meditating, I usually have a pen and note pad handy in order to jot down anything the Lord might say to me during that time. "

"Studying the Bible is something that every Christian needs to learn to do. The difference between reading and meditating on the Word and studying the Word would be the use of certain study helps or tools. By tools I mean things like: concordances, Bible dictionaries, Bible handbooks, commentaries, etc. I exhort you to thank God and take full advantage of it. In whatever way is best for you, make Bible study a regular part of your life and know that in doing so you're further equipping yourself with the armor of God."

"My final word in relation to putting on the whole armor of God is Scripture memorization. Committing the Word of God to memory is indeed a vital part of putting on the whole armor of God.There's no better way to assure the Word of God is abiding in you than by memorizing it. Start by reading over and over again the Scriptures that speak most powerfully to you. If need be, write them down on a piece of paper and read them several times over each day until they become part of you. You'll find that those particular verses will be powerful resources in your overall arsenal of spiritual weapons."

"The Christian soldier now stands fully dressed for battle. However, he is still not ready to fight. He lacks two essential things to victory--skill and strength. Although a soldier may be equipped with the best of weapons, if he is without skill and strength, victory is uncertain at best. What physical fitness and mental preparedness are to those fighting in the natural realm, prayer is to the Christian soldier. Prayer is the final piece of the Christian soldier's armor. Prayer is the assurance that the Christian soldier is fit for the fight."

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