Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Working, working, working

We worked on the patio with pavers of various shapes and sized that we bought used, bark and rocks(called river stones because they are rounded). The big concrete things that are placed around the edge of the bark right now are called "castle blocks" and we are going to do a feature of some sort in the front yard with them. They kind of interlock to make different shapes and sizes of planters.

No sooner had we finished with the patio than a new project was begun. Sanding and refinishing the modular entertainment center. That's the thing laying on it's side.

My husband and I have been getting up early and working until it reaches 100 degrees, then we either come in the house and hibernate, go to town for whatever errands have to be run or we go visiting. Yesterday, we delivered a transmission to Hughes in the industrial area of Phoenix, went to Lowes and bought more bark and stones for the patios, bug spray, scorpion spray(we've seen a few) and stuff to do the refinishing.

I got up real early this morning and sprayed all around the house foundation and window sills. We've been having monsoon-like humidity(no rain) and it seems that increases the bug population. Currently, we have the plague of the beetles. Tiny black ones about the size of lady bugs but real slow and they don't seem to fly. They are very annoying because I can't seem to find a chemical to kill them. If they stayed outside, I wouldn't bother them, but they have ventured into the house. Now they are fair game in my book! They seem to be able to enter the house at will. Phil and I haven't been able to find out where they are coming in though. It's frustrating. I may have to call an exterminator. We have the 3 dogs, so I have to be careful what bug spray I can use.

One thing about projects, at the end of the day, you feel you have accomplished something and you are a good kind of tired when you do manual labor.


crickl's nest said...

Wow, that looks like really hard work in this heat! Well, today's not so hot, but it's muggy. The backyard looks nice!! I guess it's scorpian 'season' as I've heard several people say they've seen some recently. Thankfully we haven't....I hope there aren't any around here!! My mom got stung once on the foot and lost feeling in her foot for about half the day.

Your dog looks so cute out there on the wood chips. =)

Thanks for inspiring me t o get some things done around here.....I need to do something about window treatments....CHEAP window treatments.....


Granny said...

Nice. Scorpions? I hadn't given them much thought since Phoenix eons ago.

Granny said...

Thanks for the comment. Those braids would give me a headache too.