Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Another Answer

I have posted that I get depressed and despairing. That I am a negative personality and struggle to stay positive. Joel Osteen's Daily word today in my email was my reply from my Heavenly Father to the posts I've written about this, in the text of the message it said,

"The enemy's goal is to steal your hope. He wants to get you down and discouraged so you will give up and settle for less than God's best. Don't be deceived! No matter how many disappointments you've encountered, God can turn things around for you in a split second of time! One touch of His favor can suddenly restore relationships! One touch of His goodness can solve that problem you're facing today! Just one touch from Almighty God can instantly change your life!"

Just last night at 8:30, when I got home from helping our friend work on a business plan and get set up on computer, I made some comments. After I finished talking, my husband said to me, "Can't you ever come home and say something happy? You always have something to bitch and complain about! It's pretty hard to listen to." I know I would not like it if he did that all the time. It's so hard to stop doing it. I want to, but the words have flown out of my mouth before I know it. I am going to have to spend some time when I drive home praying and praising God so that when I come in the door, I have a grateful, satisfied, gracious attitude.

We had a huge storm that hit us last night just as I arrived home. There was lightning, thunder, high winds and finally rain. I don't have to water the plants this morning--Yay! The storm was a little scary because I had to walk fromt the garage to the house in all that lightning. Just the night before, the news had done a segment about lightning strikes and so I was very aware what could happen being out in the open during a storm. In our county, the garage must be 25 feet away from the house--some wierd Maricopa county building code for garages that are put up after the home is already on the property. By the time I got into the house, I was sand-blasted, my eyes, mouth, nose and hair full of dirt. As we closed the door on the north side of the house, the wind hit with such a ferocity that the door sounded like it was being hit with buckshot. I was sure that all the plants would be gone or beat so badly they would die. Everything is still there, amazingly. A little worse for wear, but still there. Praise God for that. It all looks fresh and clean and best of all, no dust.


Granny said...

I hope it's finally cooled off a little for all of you.

crickl said...

Cathee....that sounds like a great pray on the way home so you can have a positive frame of mind when you walk in the door.

The storm was the perfect metaphor for your situation too! Your mind is in the middle of a storm, like the storm you had last night. Our minds just meditate on the irritating little things that happen all through the day with worry and anger. But there is always some kind of blessing to set your eyes on, right in the middle of the storm....the rain!!! =)

Good post....I hope things will settle in your mind and let you see the blessings. {{hugs}}}