Thursday, July 13, 2006

Thank God for Blogging Christian Sisters(& Brothers)!

I admit it, I've been in a depressed funk for about a week. My uncle Fred died(he had been ailing and it wasn't unexpected). But what it did, was bring up memories of my Dad's death in 1998 and my favorite Uncle Dick's death in 2003. A couple of mornings ago, for no reason, I started crying and couldn't stop. Not wailing, just tears running down my face. Another time, I was alone with the dogs in the living room and the sounds that came out of my mouth, scared the dogs and me. It wasn't a wail, but such a sad, mournful sound. I couldn't stop it. It finally stopped. I've learned not to suppress mourning and sadness when it comes, but sometimes, I can wait for a more opportune moment to let go.

If I didn't read these posts each and every day, I could easily slip into a funk that could last for weeks. And, yes, I read my bible and also a spiritually uplifting book as well as 3 daily devotional and a book of prayers. But sometimes, when I am down, I can read, read, read and pray and it gets me nowhere, you know?

I say thanks for blogging sisters(and two brothers), because I read your posts daily and they uplift me. I don't always write comments, but each day, I read:
Gracious Home
Reverberate My Echo
Sting My Heart
Ben Kraker(youth pastor in Oregon)
Charles Lord (a pastor in Phoenix)

And several others that I check out from various posting's comments. These blogs save my sanity. When I can't concentrate enough to read and meditate on the bible, when it seems my prayers are dry and don't make it up to heaven(not really true, but when I get depressed it sure seems like it), when I feel hopeless and helpless......I can go to your blogs and read your thoughts that day. All of your posts encourage me whether it's humor or just a daily update. It gets me out of my own muddy puddle and looking around and up.



Granny said...

I'm so sorry about your uncle. Even when it's expected, it's not easy.

Becky said...

just blog hopping. will pray for you and yours. I lost my dad suddenly as well. God bless.

Kim from Hiraeth said...

Hello, Cathee,

It blesses me to know that you are reading and that you have gained a measure of comfort.

I will pray for you.

Kim from Hiraeth

crickl's nest said...

awww, {{{girl}}}

I'm so glad there's comfort for you in your blogging friends. I know what you mean...I feel the same way often when reading blogs. We encourage each other as iron sharpens's a blessing to have a circle of friends with such wisdom, knowledge and heart lightening affects. (if that makes sense...VBS has taken it's toll on my brain this week!)

I love are a blessing to alot of us as well!!

Carol said...

I'm so sorry about your uncle. And that live's cares have you weighted down right now.

I'm blessed to know something at She Lives can lift your spirits from time to time.


Chris-chan said...

Hmmm, I wondered why I hadn't heard from you lately. Grieving is a natural part of life and I am happy that you can accept it and be there with it. Let me know how things go at the memorial and send my love to the family.
If you want a laugh, go to my blog...