Saturday, July 22, 2006

I'm Home and It's Sooo Hot!

These have the right idea! It is so hot. It hit 116 degrees today. and there are clouds--so it's humitd too! Ick!

I am finally home. They are having major monsoons in Tucson where my aunt and cousing live. But nothing like that here. No rain for the Sonoran Desert! They poured our patio today. Next weekend we will get the carport in front of the garage and the walkway from the garage to the house. We will be getting a quote for the patio cover and I will get a dog run from Lowes. Maybe I will get one of those freestanding pools that are about 3 ft. deep, as the tigers look very cool. We have A/C but keep it at 87 degrees, as it saves us $100/mo. to do that.

I spray myself with spray bottles because my hubby does LIKE the heat. Not 116 degrees, but he certainly doesn't mind the temp of the house. I am trying my best to tolerate it.

My cousin in Tucson has a pool and he uses 2 fountains that come out of the filtered water of the pool to cool his pool. The other option is to put a sprinkler on a floatie and enjoy the cool water. Soon, very soon I will have that pool. Or I will be knocking on Christie's door with my bathing suit on and my floatie and towel. Ha Ha!


Granny said...

You're hotter than we are (110°) and we're miserable.

crickl said...

LOL, poor Cathee! 87!!

COME ON OVER! Seriously...any time!

We keep ours at 80 during the day and 77 at night and it's very comfortable.

Those are cute tigers.....reminds me of dipping our dog, but she only stays in if you sit by her with your arm across her back!

Let me know if you want to come soak....even if I"m not here, I'd let you come enjoy!


crickl said...

oh, just email me for a phone number!