Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Where The Mind Goes, The Life Follows

I have a negative tendency in my thought processes. It comes from being raised in the 1950's when the prevailing idea was anticipate the worst, then you will never be disappointed. Also, don't praise your children when they do what should be expected of them and make sure that they don't get egotistical and proud. The old adage of: "Spare the rod and spoil the child", made whippings a daily occurance. This was how parents (and teachers) guided you in the way you should go. When I fall back to old habits, I operate from a guilt-based thought process. I shouldn't do this or that. I shouldn't eat this or that. Being deprived of doing certain things or eating certain foods only make them more desirable to me as they are the forbidden fruit.

Today, Joyce Meyer talked about how what we think programs our lives. I can reprogram my mind, just as I would reprogram my computer. By reading the Word or any spiritually uplifting book, I can put new spiritual programming into my mind. I can rebuild and renew my mind also by writing and proclaiming from my mouth the positive things that I want in my life. Secularly, these are called "affirmations". I am going to write down positive affirmations and read them each day after I have my morning time with the Lord.

Sometimes, when I try to make positive changes in my life, I overdo it and burn out. I feel overwhelmed with everything I can think of to do to cause myself to change. Today, I read something that will keep me balanced.

On Joyce Meyer's website, she has a monthly magazine and there's an article about studying the Bible. She says: "The Bible never tells us how long to study—it just says to study the Word regularly and we’ll be blessed. I like to compare studying God’s Word to eating. When I sit down to eat a meal, I eat until I’m full. The same thing is true for studying the Word. When I sit down to study, I usually stay in the Word until I have a "full," or satisfied, feeling in my spirit."

Today, with the Lord's strength uplifting me, I will put one foot in front of the other, quit focusing on what's wrong with me and I will be careful with my thoughts--I will stay clear of mind by keeping all thing that cloud up thinking out of my system. Those things are food, alcohol and television--none of which are bad, in moderation.

Lord, Jesus, today I pray for your strength and guidance to secure balance in my life--in my thoughts, actions, words and food intake. Thank you Lord as I know You have already accomplished this and I accept it.

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