Friday, March 10, 2006

Our Stories

We all have our stories; when someone asks about you, you begin by telling your story to explain who you are. My story used to be about my job: "I am an accountant, I do such and such at this place of business......" I would go on about the people I worked with(in a gossipy sort of way) and eventually get around to saying I was married and had dogs. If you went further in depth with me, I would tell you about betrayals and bitterness (all having to do with jobs--either current or past). I defined myself as what work I did. Although I though of myself as a Christian, I rarely spoke about my faith in Jesus. I see now that I was a Pharisee.

My story started changing when we moved to Arizona. I thought I would find a job right away, but although I sent out numerous resumes, I got no calls. My story then became about how I couldn't find a job and the depressed job market. Then as I prayed for a job and to find the Lord's will for my life, He started to change me. He revealed something to me every day about myself. If I look back at past blogs, I can see the progress. I can see how everything works together for God's glory.

My story is changing--NOW! It's going to be about the miracles the Lord gives me every day. It's about salvation and unconditional love from the Lord. It's about loving my husband and wanting salvation for him more than anything. It's about forgiveness and letting go. I am excited about this miracle today!!!! Halleluia.

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