Saturday, March 11, 2006

Structured Prayer Time With My Friend

Yesterday, my friend and I discussed by email, that we would pray together even though we are separated by many miles. My time zone is not her time zone and she is an hour earlier than I am. She graciously said that she would get up early to pray together with me. We agreed on a list of things that we would pray about. I didn't think I needed to set the alarm, because I always wake up much earlier than my husband and always 1/2 hour before the time we set to pray. I am embarrassed to say, this morning (the 1st morning we are starting our together prayer time) I woke up 10 minutes late. No excuses, although I can think of a few--of course. From now on, the alarm will be set. I was a little late today, but will not be from tomorrow onward.

I am so blessed to have her as my friend. When we struggle, we pray with and for one another, either on the telephone or by email request. Although a lot of years separate our ages, we are kindred spirits. We both love the Lord and struggle with being married to non-believing husbands. We feel things deeply and are opinionated. And we are both saved and washed clean by the blood of Jesus and believe one day we will see Him.

There was a time that my husband was out of town for the second time in two weeks and I was in the 2nd day of the 2nd week and got up that morning feeling sorry for myself. I started crying and having a pity party, thinking of all the lousy things that had happened. I watched a movie that I knew would make me cry more. In the middle of the movie, she called me. That's not a coincidence, that's a miracle from God! She is always coming up with ways that we both can improve our walk with the Lord. She seeks God's face. I pray always in thanks to the Lord that she was my neighbor all those years ago and she had the courage to strike up a conversation with me. I couldn't love her more than if she was my sister/daughter. What a blessing she is in my life, as I hope I am in hers.

The Lord has been blessing me so much that I can hardly contain it within me. This is true JOY, the joy of the Lord. When Keith Green said in his song, "Make my life a prayer to you (Lord)", I finally understand what he meant. I'm not just praying to the Lord during prayer time, but with every minute of the day. My God is not in a box, where I open it up, He is all around me and within me every second, giving me strength and courage, renewing my purpose, carrying my cares, lifting me up, casting out fear. As His Word says in Romans 8:31 "If God is for me, who can be against me?"

Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit, today I give thanks for the miracles you have given me. Help me to become the person you know I can be. When I don't know what to pray for, let the Holy Spirit within me come to you with inexpressible groanings that go beyond human words. I love you Lord, with all my heart!

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Kelli B said...


I have a similar friend...what a blessing and deep joy to pray together, even miles and hours apart.