Friday, March 17, 2006

The New Puppy

Here's Teddie! I know he looks like he is in jail and that's kind of what it is. I and several dog owner friends who subscribe to this way of thinking. Cage training for puppies. Much less stressful for a new dog in the house. It lets the older dogs (Chickie and Harry) get used to the puppy and also serves to save carpets from puppy accidents. It helps the puppy to learn that outside is the appropriate place to go potty. The cage is big enough (10 times the size of the dog) that if he has an accident, he doesn't have to sit in it. I overslept this morning and there was a wet spot on the floor of the cage which was easily cleaned up.

He is about 16 inches long and about 10 inches at the top of his head. He only weighs a few pounds as he was dehydrated and starving when a guy found him running along a busy street and brought him over to our friend's house. I grabbed the little fellow immediately and when I felt how skinny he was decided to bring him home, whether we decided to keep him or not. He needed to be fed and given water(which we did immediately). When we first brought him home, I thought he might die because he was very lethargic. But now, 3 days later, after many feedings of chicken and rice with puppy formula added in, he is bouncy and mischeivious. His eyes are clear and he is a happy little fellow.

We will visit the vet tomorrow for a checkup and the start of vaccinations. We'll see how old the vet thinks he is and find out what kind of breed she thinks he is. He looks like some kind of toy mix to me. Like toy poodle and maltese or some such. His hair is straight but his face is very poodle-like.

Teddie, Welcome to Parker Pet Heaven (as my friends call our house). We've never had a puppy before. All our dogs have come to us as other people's discards. We take them in, love and care for them and make them part of our family.

Just like Our Lord does. He takes in sinners and makes them His children. I am an heir to the Kingdom of God. I have so much to be grateful for today! Praise you Jesus!


Diana said...

God sure loves to give you the little fluffies to take care of. I hope you keep Teddie. But if you don't, I'm sure you will find him a good home. You've got the knack, Auntee. He looks like he'd fit right in...


Carol said...

That's the most adorable puppy! He looks like my Tucker when Tuck was a wee pup; 1/2 toy poodle, 1/2 mini schnauzer.

Teddy's a cute name! He and Tucker would have a grand time together. Tuck does need a friend, but we have a head-of-household that says one is enough. (sigh)