Saturday, August 12, 2006

Met a New Blogger Today

I love blogging because of the infinite variety of people who post; each one giving me exposure to new things to ponder and wonder. This picture came from Rob's blog at I went to his blog because he made a comment on my Friday Feast posting.

The pictures on his blog are beautiful excerpts from nature, most in his own backyard. I spent about an hour there, reading and viewing. The most fun I had was reading about his and Nancy's birds.

I have always been fascinated by birds as pets(family members) and have known and loved friend's birds. 40 years ago, I worked with Ed Fullmer--he and his wife and kids kept Macaws. Their 4 macaws had the run of the house and were magnificent. My manacurist has a yellow-head named Coco who will talk your ear off and maybe bite it too! My husband and I used to visit a pet store just so I could be with the birds. I fell in love with a big male sulfur-crested cockatoo. We couldn't afford him, as he was $15,000, but as long as we lived in California, I would go visit him at least once a week. We don't have any birds, because we have 3 small house dogs and while I am sure that we could have a bird, I don't think we should have a bird. I know that birds need a lot of attention and interaction. With 3 dogs, I have a hard enough time just giving them enough attention.

Anyway, back to Rob's blog--he is a talented writer and I really enjoyed reading his posts. If you have a chance, stop by his blog for a great read on many subjects.

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Rob said...

Thank you for such kind words.

I'm going to have to try the 4 cheese chicken breasts. That looks incredible!

BTW: Check my blogroll...