Sunday, August 27, 2006

An Answer to Prayer

(Picture courtesy of the monsoon season in southwest Arizona)

Good things have been happening. I went to our church's ladies bible study last Thursday. A great welcome was held out to me. After one time there, I feel a part of the group. I have been longing for this fellowship. Why I hesitated to go, was only my own fear. Now I see those fears were absolutely unfounded. The ladies are as warm as our weather, kind and fun. It was held at the Pastor's house with his wife as the leader.

During the course of the study, as we diverged into what she calls, one of the"rabbit trails"(getting off the subject), I heard that the Pastor needed a secretary to help him get organized and set up a few new ideas in motion, etc, etc. I went home a prayed about it. I got my answer during Sunday morning bible study before church service. It came to me clearly that I should offer my services. So before service, I pulled her aside and offered to do it. She said to come speak to the Pastor after services. I did. He has a lot of interesting things that he wants to do. Since I am an accountant, I will also be helping with setting up the church's accounting program. I will be helping with flyers and the bulletin.

I am excited to finally be doing something to use my skills. They offered to pay me $10/hr for 5 hours a week. Instead, I am going to donate the time. This is a teeny church. The people who go here are not rich. And of all things that could happen, about a month ago, they were broken into and anything of value was stolen. Our Pastor works full-time as a computer information technology person for a company in the Phoenix area. How could I take money from them? I love this church. The Pastor and his wife love Jesus and they are trying to spread God's word and work. I believe that this is the place for me to be at this time in my life and I believe that God led me to this place as a church family.

God has answered my prayers in His way. I needed fellowship and the Lord provided the best kind. Worship, bible study and work--all in fellowship with Christians. What more could I ask?
Well, let me tell you the other part. After I left the Pastor, I said hello and introduced myself to one of two ladies standing in the sanctuary as I was leaving. She already knew that I was going to be the Pastor's secretary. She and I conversed a while and she offered me work with the elections board. They don't pay much, but it will be interesting work. I'll get to work during all the elections, local, state and U.S. How about that?

I am thrilled to recognize an answer to prayer. It's been 1 year and 3 months since I have had a job. I send out resumes every few days. I subscribe to several city's job postings and check the newspapers for jobs constantly. It's just that until the last few months, I was still holding on to the old attitude toward work. If I had started work in any old office, I probably would have been up to my old habits before long. I am a recovering workaholic, you see. I like being at work more than anything, because I do work better than I do anything else. (relationships & keeping house, for example). When my prayer partner got the job she had been wanting a few weeks ago, I found it hard not be be envious and think, "Yeah, but what about me, God? Haven't I been praying longer than her?" Instead, I prayed and laid my disappointment at Jesus feet. He lifted me up and I could be happy for my friend's success.

God knows what I need and after many months of prayer with my prayer partner, I have gotten my attitude adjusted. Lessons I have learned: Obedience to the Lord's leading, listening instead of talking, studying to know God better, gratitude for Jesus our Savior, praising instead of complaining, and giving of myself to forget about myself.

Praise the Lord for answered prayer. And this is just the beginning................


crickl said...

That is wonderful Cathee! That will be rewarding for you and for them as you work together and get to know more people there. =)

Also, thank you for your kind words on my comments regarding my dad. I appreciate you very much!


Diana said...

I'm so happy for you Auntee! God is good and faithful!! I can't wait to hear all about your new work life.

Love, Nanner