Friday, January 26, 2007

I'm NEVER Dieting Again

I'm not tired of being fat, I'm not giving up on losing weight, but I am sooooo DONE with dieting. Forever!
Me and two other ladies at my church decided to support each other in our efforts to lose weight. We decided to do this early last November. We brought in all our diet books--I won--I had the most. We brought in all our exercise tapes--I won--I had the most. I had been in the most diet programs too. Ha Ha - nothing very funny about being a winner in this contest, is there? There I was again, dieting! And not being successful--feeling like a failure.
One of the ladies brought in a book entitled "The Weigh Down Diet--An Inspirational Way To Lose Weight, Stay Slim and Find a New You". It's been around since 1973. I think I heard of it, but thought it was just a gimmicky idea. It may have been the only diet book I had never bought. This book told me I was NOT a failure. It told me that there are NO "Bad" foods. It told me to ask God for help. It told me to pray before I ate--every time--BEFORE I ate. It told me to stop eating diet foods. It told me to eat what I like???? How could THAT work??? It kept me reading, to say the least!
I want to say one thing before I extoll the virtues of the Weigh Down book. Our little support group has grown from the 3 of us to 9 people. I think that using this book as part of a twice a week support group is VERY important. We truly SUPPORT each other. We rely on God to support us. The book is based on biblical principals. If you google the author of this book today, you will see that she has headed off into another direction altogether. Back when she wrote this book in the early 1970's, she was right on. I don't care with she is doing today....the principals in this old book are working. They make sense and God is rewarding each one of us in the group as we draw nearer to Him thru prayer and reliance on Him for His strength, not our puny willpower!

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