Sunday, February 12, 2006

Visitors and Illuminations

I just love this picture. I scanned the card that my son gave me about 10 years ago on Mother's Day. I like to scan my cards cause that way I can keep them without the paper.

Speaking of mothers, mine has been with me all week. My husband has been gone all week and my aunt Norma, my son, Chris and Mom have been with me since last Monday. It's been really nice and even though we didn't do any of the sightseeing that I had lined up, we still had some very relaxing time together. My Aunt went home yesterday morning.

Mom is the older sister of Norma and they argue all the time. They argue about everything and most of the time they are arguing the same point but from different directions. I got to see how it seems to my husband when I want to argue with him. It is tiresome! The Lord just keeps bringing me miracles. He shows me what I need to work on by illustration in everyday life. I am finally seeing and hearing these things because I have opened myself up to it through prayer(my own prayers and the prayers of others on my behalf--thank you all!)

I am also finally seeing that life doesn't have to be a series of struggles because of my desire to be in control of it. The struggle is taken out of life when I lose my deathgrip on control(or rather the illusion of control). It's a hard habit to break--but that's all it is--a bad habit.

With prayer and the Lord's guidance, I will break this bad habit--I can feel it coming.....Halleluia

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Diana said...

I wouldn't be surprised if the change is so gradual that one afternoon you realize your home and heart are at peace. It's when we aren't conscious of the change that it seems God does His most miraculous work. But sometimes we are fully conscious of it and He's even coaching us through it! But the change I really like is the kind where your eyes are just opened and you realize you aren't as angry, sad, or nervous as you once were.

Praising God is especially fun when He surprises us. :)

I'm so glad you had the family all come out. I miss you all so much, but am glad that I get to read your words. Please keep up the writing Auntee, it's like a breath of home for me.