Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Random ramblings and thoughts

Everybody else has these pictures on their blogs and links to other blogs, etc...... Not me! I downloaded that "Hello" thingy from Picaza or whatever it's called and I have tried for a couple of times now to figure out how to use it to put pictures but it's not working. Blogger doesn't tell me how to do it and I am getting frustrated. Oh well, maybe I don't need pictures on my blog.......

Have you been noticing lately, or is it just me..... There has been some inaccurate, as well as deliberatly misleading(in my opinion) stuff in the media about Jesus. First, the lady who used to write about Vampires and Witches and other occult stories has now written a novel about the childhood of Jesus. Puh-leez!

There was a major network primetime newshow before Christmas about Jesus and whether the bible is accurate or just fables. For instance, they claim that Jesus was not born in Bethlehem--that the writers of the gospels just said that because that's what was prophesied. The reporter said that Jesus of Nazareth was born in Nazareth, that's why they called him that instead of Jesus of Bethlehem. Then I came across a program series called Armageddon in which they speak about the Antichrist in Bible prophecy and try to prove that there will be no such thing or that he already came and went in the 1st century. They spoke about the book of Revelation as if it was hallucination. There was a big article in Time magazine about Mormons that dealt with that cult as if it were the true way to heaven. But when they talk about Christians who believe in salvation by the blood of Jesus, they make us out to be kooks. They speak of a God that would accept all believers, regardless of belief or non belief in Jesus.

What I am thinking, is that we are definitely in the end times. Mass media is the perfect tool of the Antichrist. I feel the urgency to get the message to as many as I can, that Jesus is the way, the truth and the light. I include a long list of family and friends in my daily prayers, I hope to see that they are saved before the Rapture.

But I feel so inadequate, when my own husband can remind me of my actions as "unchristian". I struggle daily, well, actually, hourly with my own perfectionism and anger (frustration and impatience explode into an outburst). I know that when I am weak, the Lord is strong.

Lord, Jesus, I pray for your strength to control my impulses. Before I speak, let me take a moment to listen to the Holy Spirit so that I don't blurt out something inappropriate or hurtful. Let me become more kind and loving in my thought, word and deed. For Your honor and glory, Precious Lord.

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Diana said...

Hey Auntee. I, too struggle with not doing or saying the right things all the time. But we aren't the only ones. Paul the apostle, also struggled with it. A good study is Romans. Some famous guy, I think he was a king or a philosopher had Romans read to him EVERY night on his deathbed. I might take it up as a habit in the near future. It's got to be one of the best writings in the universe!!

My favorite part is 'be transformed by the renewing of your mind.' That states that God doesn't just come down and take away our free will and therefore turn us into robots. He shows us through the seeping in His word how to keep His commandments.

How did Jesus resist the devil after 40 days of fasting? By saying, "It is written..." He was so emersed in the scriptures that in the time when He was most weak He fell back on them. This is the Son of God! How can we expect to get by for a moment without recalling the scriptures in everything?

The only advice worth giving to anyone is this: dive into the Word more than ever before. Eat it like sweet bread and it will fill you.

I love you Auntee.
-Dinanner bananner