Saturday, October 21, 2006

I Am Moving On--Bye Bye

"He (God) touches the mountains and they smoke"

My blog has served me well. Through reading other Christian women's and men's blogs over the last year and writing many of my own, I have been lifted and moved forward by God.

My despair and depression about several things has been removed through your prayers and mine. I still don't have a paying job, but I have the Lord's work. I am not only the secretary to the pastor of my church, but now the assistant treasurer. I am working on the books. I have fellowship and friends. I am getting to know everyone in my church and have a circle of women friends.

After prayer and listening to the Lord, I am ready to move on. I think I will save the record of my progress on my computer as I wrote the various postings on this blog. I appreciate everyone who commented and uplifted me in word and prayers.

I am going to continue to read blogs and comment on them, but I won't be writing any longer.

Halleluia--Grace like rain. I am living proof that prayer changes lives!


crickl said...

Ooooh, will be missed! I have been wondering how you were doing when day after day went by with no updates on your blog. I understand is lived in stages, I firmly believe that. Some things are just seasons in our life.

Love ya....keep in touch!!

Diana said...

Hey Auntee! No more blog? The seasons change, don't they. Email me and stuff, though, ok? I've started writing on my blog again after a month or so absence. Maybe you'll start another one up someday. Love you, aunterloo!

Rob said...

I understand that feeling.

UnSpace is taking a sabbatical ... I don't know how long. Funny, you stopped because your depression went away. I'm stopping, in part, because it's so much worse.

Maybe you'll drop an e-mail some time.

God bless.